Office of Employee Services

The Office of Employee Services serves employees and applicants of the Ohio Department of Administrative Services in a variety of human resources functions, including payroll, benefits, recruitment, performance management, labor and employee relations, equal employment and diversity initiatives, strategic/workforce planning and more.


Employee Services Staff

Marissa Walter, Human Resources Administrator, 614-644-1729


Justin Ackerman, Human Resources Manager (Office of Information Technology), 614-728-0490

Christina Carleski, Human Resources Manager (General Services Division, Equal Opportunity Division), 

Adrianne Ett, Human Resources Manager (Office of Information Technology, Human Resources Division, Office of Collective Bargaining, Administrative Support Division), 614-995-7590

Nena Jackson, EEO Manager and Human Resources Consultant (Office of Information Technology), 

Becky Mann, Human Resources Consultant (General Services Division, Equal Opportunity Division), 614-387-1593

Performance Management and Employee Engagement

Robert Greene, Human Resources Assistant Administrator, 614-728-2867

Denae Kotheimer, Training and Employee Engagement Manager, 614-728-2994

Payroll, Benefits and Leave Administration

Rhonda Cunningham, Payroll and Benefits Manager, 614-728-5863

Jane Baughn, Absence Manager, 614-466-6072

Hannah Lindner, Payroll and Benefits Consultant, 614-752-2489

Lynn Winters, Payroll and Benefits Consultant, 614-644-9715