2019: Quarter 1 Winners

Hestor “Louie” Harris, Linda Neel, and Myron Bell, Human Resources Division, Benefits Administration
Outstanding Customer Service Award

I would like to take a moment to nominate “Louie” Hester Harris, Linda Neel and Myron Bell in Benefits Management. I started working on their team Jan. 7, 2019. Their department should consist of 5 Benefits Management Reps and a Customer Service Rep, it always seems to run short. The work never slows down to accommodate and each BMR handles about 14 agencies each along with customer service mailboxes, phone calls, reports and projects.  All three NEVER hesitate to offer a training moment or help you out when your stuck, most of the time putting their work on hold to get the new recruit on track. They jungle between training two new employees (we hired another person in Februrary) and will be hiring another this month hopefully.) but their patience does not have an end. Whether it is teaching a processing procedure, directing a customer on an issue or helping set up email, phone or computer … they do it all. Each have been with DAS for a length of time; Louie will be retiring in September (a hole I don’t know how we will fill), Myron is not far behind either. Their length of service speaks volumes about the service they have provided and the value they bring to the agency. The level of Customer Service they bring to their clients is equal to the time and talent they share with their team. My time here at DAS has been truly enhanced by the excellence in Customer Service they teach and would like to recommend them for Star Awards.

Vanitha Zacharias, Brooke Speert, Mark Thrasher, Thea Cole, and Jaya Medidi, Office of Information Technology
Team Excellence Award

DAS recently mobilized a team of people to assist the Board of Pharmacy with cleaning up data that is critical to the successful launch of the State’s Medical Marijuana Program. 

This team reviewed and corrected thousands of records to ensure that data between the eLicense System and OAARS was in sync to ensure that when patients present for dispensation of medical marijuana that the system will function properly, track data to ensure that matters are handled in accordance with the law, and to ensure that patients can receive their medication without delay. This work took many hours, and was very time consuming and tedious, and required a high level of attention to detail and persistence to get them done. This team has been instrumental in the Board of Pharmacy finishing up their data matching efforts. This team is a great example of member of DAS “going the extra mile” and going above and beyond their normal duties to ensure that a fellow state entity received the help they needed, when they needed it. I highly recommend this team for a DAS STARS Award!

I am copying Spencer Wood and Glen Coleman on this message for their support, and to ensure that I have not missed anyone on the list above.

Kim Perry, Office of Information Technology, Enterprise Shared Solutions
Citizenship and Spirit Award

I would like to nominate Kim Perry for a DAS STAR award. I started in July 2018 and Kim was the first person I met. She always has a smile on her face and has been very helpful in my short time working for the state. Kim is continually asking how she can help even if it isn’t part of her job. It’s been a pleasure to work with Kim.


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