2018: Quarter 4 Winners

Renee Evans, Office of Information Technology, Service Now
Extra Mile  Award

The Enterprise Service Management team at OIT would like to nominate the program’s administrator, Renee Evans, for the DAS Star award in the Extra Mile category. 

In 2014, DAS OIT Chief Operating Officer/Deputy State CIO, Spencer Wood asked Renee Evans to help with the IT Optimization effort by moving the enterprise from their Footprints incident management application to the ServiceNow platform.  ServiceNow offers an enterprise cloud-based IT Service Management (ITSM) platform, which provides user support through an automated service desk workflow application that provides flexibility and ease-of-use.

In a matter of just four years, Renee has built the enterprise application into an enterprise program area that currently serves nineteen agencies with agency-specific content to monitor IT operations and services.  Renee successfully manages a team of three System Developers, three System Administrators, two Business Process Analysts, an Operations Manager, a Project Manager and a full team of contractors.  Renee's entire team believes that she is the reason that the program is a huge success due to her guidance, customer centric management, and progressive thinking.

Renee goes above and beyond in her role as the Enterprise Service Management Administrator by always putting the betterment of the enterprise above all else.  She is vigilant in her quest to continually improve the service for our customers and always makes their needs a priority without jeopardizing the enterprise goals.  Renee works diligently to negotiate the best possible contract that will provide our customers with an excellent team and great customer service.

It is for these reasons that Renee is deserving of this award. She goes the “extra mile” by living and breathing her duty to public service and taking the program to another level of success within the State of Ohio. 
Thank you for your consideration!  

Rusty Martin, Human Resources Division, Applications and Reporting​
Customer Service Award

I just wanted to take a moment to share a great experience that I just had with Rusty Martin. I needed some technical assistance with OnBase and rather than sending multiple emails back and forth, Rusty was able to call me and walk me through the process quickly and he was able to offer up a solution for my next steps to resolving the issue. I truly appreciate his quick response with a customer focused resolution. Keep up the good work, Rusty!

ELM Group: Rusty Martin, Kathy Vanhoose, and Stan Sikorski, Human Resources Division​
Team Excellence Award

I love working with the ELM group. Kathy, Rusty, and Stan and I ask for their help often. They know the system and are very helpful when I ask for guidance. What stands out most is attitude. It seems like Kathy has  a smile in her voice when she answers the phone or returns a call (yes, she returns phone calls and emails!) Kathy and Rusty have had to troubleshoot some issues for us and have saved me a lot of frustration. 

If you’re thinking they are “just doing their job,” true … but they do it accurately, quickly, on time (scheduled mass enrollments), fantastic attitude, and great follow through. 

Adrianne Ett, Administrative Support Division, Office of Employee Services 
Citizenship and Spirit Award

I am submitting this nomination for Adrianne Ett for the good citizenship and spirt award. Over the last month Adrianne has had two very difficult work situations arise that she had to deal with in the most confidential, professional and empathetic of ways. As an HR professional, we have the pleasure of dealing with people in some of their happiest moments (job offers, promotions) and in some of their lowest moments (disability, work crisis, etc). Despite the fact that Adrianne was dealing with someone in one of the lowest moments of life, at no point during this process did she question the situation or the person. She pushed through as a professional and offered great counsel and advice. She went above and beyond in her customer service.

The reason this is being submitted as a the good citizenship and spirit award is because we often forget how a single “isolated” situation impacts an entire team or work unit. Adrianne’s willingness to be the most professional and empathetic person to one person impacted the bigger picture in both of these incidents. She could also be up for the other awards as well as they all seem fitting, but to me, Adrianne’s quick/smart/thoughtful way of handling herself and others in a tough situation truly had great impact on many (and they will likely never know).

Sorry for being vague about the situation, but as an HR situation, we must maintain confidentiality. Adrianne should be recognized as an unsung hero. She makes an impact on so many people.


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