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Incurring extraordinary expenses from purchasing software can be a thing of the past. ISD hosting solutions provide the needed flexibility to meet the growing demands of your organization without licensing and in-house maintenance costs.

Aggregated Port Management  - This service provides a physical Ethernet port on an OIT device and allows the customer to leverage the services of multiple transport providers.

AIX Server  - The AIX Service enables customers to develop applications and/or databases without incurring the cost of setting up and maintaining an operating system environment.

EDI/Application Integration  - Application Integration Services is a combination of Data Exchange and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) functionalities to provide comprehensive data integration.

Auto Attendant-Shared Port  - This a call processing service that allows customers to develop menu driven call routing.

Database Support  - Database Support Services provide support for database implementation and usage.

Enterprise Geocoding  - OIT's Enterprise Geocoding Services (EGS) combine address standardization, geocoding, and spatial analysis into a single service.

GIS Hosting  - GIS Hosting Services deliver dynamic maps, spatial content, and spatial analysis via the Internet.

Linux Server  - The Linux Systems service provides installation, maintenance, support and administration of the Linux operating system software.

Mainframe System Services  - OIT offers Mainframe System Services via one IBM mainframe computer with a rated processing speed of 5,219 Millions of Instructions per Second (MIPS).

Server Virtualization  - OIT's Server Virtualization Service provides the capability to convert physical servers into multiple virtual environments. Through this service, OIT offers a common infrastructure and provides solutions for ensuring business continuity.

SharePoint  - OIT's SharePoint Service offers Microsoft Office SharePoint Server portal setup and hosting services for agencies interested in internal collaboration, external collaboration, organizational portals, business process workflow, and business intelligence.

Shared Web Hosting  - The Shared Web Hosting Environment is a public facing Internet environment for agency websites and SQL applications.

Timekeeping  - OIT offers Kronos timekeeping software. This software automates the employee clock-in and clock-out process, and allows for direct uploads of employee work hours to the State's payroll system.

Windows Support  - OIT offers Windows Server Services through which server specifications and server management is provided. This service enables customers to develop applications without incurring the costs of setting up and maintaining an operating system environment.

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