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IT Business Office

The OIT Business Office supports the chief information officer and the program offices to administer purchases, rate structure development, budget development, equipment inventory and billing to the agencies that use OIT services. The OIT Business Office is committed to providing positive customer interactions resulting in high quality outcomes. The primary objective of the office is to assure OIT programs and service delivery have sufficient resources for optimal performance and all related transactions are proper, transparent and accountable.


Stephen Boudinot

Business Manager





Doug Forbes

Fiscal Services Administrator





Stacey Green

Business Operations Manager





Dana Kilgore

Financial Manager






FY 18 Service Rates:


 As of October 20, 2017, the Office of Budget and Management has approved a portion of the FY 2018 information technology service rates. Once the remaining service rates have been approved, an announcement will be made and the full information technology service portfolio and associated rates will be published on the IT Business Office web page.

 For now, please refer to the following document listing the service rates that have been approved:
   • FY 18 Rate Summary
 Partial Listing of FY 18 Rates Effective October 20, 2017
FY 17 Service Rates:

The FY 2017 information technology service portfolio has been finalized and the associated rates approved. There are numerous changes including the introduction of new services, modification of existing ones as well as services no longer offered. These revisions and additions support IT Optimization’s priorities of creating high-quality citizen and business experiences with state programs supporting state employees with common and efficient enterprise solutions, and providing secure and reliable information technology services.

For further information, please refer to the following key documents pertaining to FY 17 Service Rates:

  • FY 17 Rate Overview
Overview of FY 17 Rates
  • FY 17 Rate Summary Summary Listing of FY 17 Rates Effective July 1, 2016
FY 16 Service Rates:

Fiscal Year 2016 Office of Information Technology service rates have been finalized including Microsoft Licensing and Ohio One Network. Ohio One Network is a grouping of Enterprise network services common to all agencies that will provide consistent and uniform statewide connectivity. Microsoft Licensing, including Office 365, will cover all agencies under the Microsoft Enterprise agreement, assuring license compliance and standardized applications.

There has been a change in the cost structure of server rates to better align with state infrastructure direction. The objective is to drive toward a virtual environment. Virtual managed servers using current hardware and operating systems are the most cost efficient and secure method of delivering service. This allows for the greatest value derived from our substantial economy of scale.

For further information, please refer to the following key documents pertaining to FY 16 Service Rates:
 • FY 16 Rate Overview  Overview of FY 16 Rates
 • FY 16 Rate Summary  Summary Listing of FY 16 Rates Effective July 1, 2015

DAS OIT 4th Quarter Billing Process Change:

Agencies have expressed interest in aligning quarterly invoice payments to actual usage within the same fiscal year. To achieve this goal, DAS will include the Q2 and Q3 usage reconciliation on the Q4 invoice. The Fiscal Year 2015 Q4 usage reconciliation will be part of the Fiscal Year 2016 Q2 invoice. Fiscal Year 2016 Q1 usage will be reconciled on the Q3 invoice.

The Fiscal Year 2015 Q4 invoice should be distributed to your agencies on May 1st. Your assistance in getting the invoice processed this fiscal year would be greatly appreciated.

Please refer to the attached memorandum for further details should you have any questions about this process:
4th Qtr Process Change
 DAS OIT 4th Quarter Billing Process Change

Quarterly Billing:

Beginning in Fiscal Year 2015, OIT began invoicing for all of the Infrastructure Service Division services at the beginning of each quarter. The amount will be the same for each quarter (with the exception of volume changes for new service usage or migration), which should provide predictability and consistency in OIT invoicing. Reconciliation will be performed on a recurring basis with adjustments made during the next invoicing cycle. Through the OIT Service Usage Management System (SUMS), SUMS users can view their quarterly invoice and monthly usage statement. More information regarding SUMS, quarterly billing, and reporting can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document.

The following are some of the key communication documents pertaining to quarterly billing:
 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Quarterly Billing
SUMS Resource Center:
 Access to SUMS, Training, and Reference Materials

FY 15 Rates Overview:

Fiscal Year 2015 is a transition year for IT management and services. The main objective of IT Optimization is to lower the state’s total IT costs and redirect those savings into improved IT services that benefit Ohio citizens and businesses. IT Optimization has made significant progress during the year with numerous strategic efforts that are underway. With these changes, the OIT rate structure must adapt and change as well.

The following are some of the key communication documents pertaining to FY 15 rates:
 FY 15 Rate Summary:  Summary Listing of FY 15 Rates Effective July 1, 2014



Ohio Benefits Status Report Templates:

The following templates are to be utilized by county employees to report work performed on the Ohio Benefits project:

 Ohio Benefits Status Report for Build Component

 Ohio Benefits Status Report for Run Component

 County Invoice Template





 SUMS: OIT Service Usage Management System
This system allows OIT customers to view and track their IT usage and cost. Users have access to run detailed reports at multiple levels from the agency level to the job number. SUMS also gives customers the ability to print duplicate invoices. Questions regarding invoicing or usage should be directed to the following: csc@ohio.gov.
 CPS: Central Payment System
Welcome to the OIT Central Payment System. This system allows OIT Non-State Agency customers to make payments by credit card or electronic check. To make a payment, Users must have a valid OIT invoice number. Questions regarding invoice payments and the use of this system should be directed to the following: csc@ohio.gov.