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Performance and Succession Planning
This unit supports the state’s annual personnel evaluations, the appeals process for classified employees, consults with agencies on issues involving performance management, advises managers and supervisors in goals writing, measurement and effective monitoring techniques.


Because the State of Ohio recognizes that this managerial function is critical to our success, a supervisor or manager who fails to complete the performance evaluation process for each of his direct reports will be rated accordingly on his own performance evaluation.

This unit also provides support to agencies in developing succession plans by providing best practices, tools, and resources along with assisting in plan implementation.

The objective of the State’s succession planning methodology is to create a formal plan that ensures the retention of knowledge prior to the departure of employees in critical roles. This is achieved by identifying incumbent positions that are essential to the agency’s mission, identifying potential successor pools, and investing in our current staff by developing their talent in preparation for advancement within the State.
Leadership Team

Ray Justice, HCM Manager