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State Personnel Records

The State Personnel Records group is responsible for archiving and maintaining employee files for State agencies.

General Contact Information
Human Capital Management, Records
Ohio Department of Administrative Services
30 E. Broad St., 28th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-0405
Phone: 614-466-7553 Fax: 614-728-0312

DAS Records Requirements: 
 The Office of HCM and Agency HR Support’s Employee Records Unit is responsible for archiving and maintaining employee files for State. The following information will assist in clarifying which documents are required to be sent to DAS Records. Generally, the office routinely receives most of the required documents as a matter of procedures that need to be followed to enact personnel actions. Documents that are required to be filed with DAS are as follows:

  • Personnel Action (P/A's) forms and their attachments
  • Removal Documents
  • Theft-in-Office Documents (The only criminal records to be sent)
  • New-Hire documents (employee applications, Supplemental Employment Agreements, Position Descriptions, teaching certificate copies, certificates relevant to the job, and other correspondences relative to the position)
  • Updated Applications
  • State Personnel Board of Review Orders and correspondences
  • Death Certificates, attached to the appropriate P/A.
Retention Period: Items listed as part of the official employee personnel file must be sent to DAS records upon approval where they will be maintained. 
The following must not be sent to DAS Records in accordance with Section 149.43 of the Ohio Revised Code or collective bargaining arbitrations:
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Information form
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Medical records (physician statements, disability paperwork)
  • Criminal records, except for "Theft-in-Office"
  • Disciplinary records, except for Removals
Agencies are instructed to adopt records retention schedules for agency copies of personnel records, including copies of documents that are submitted to DAS and items that are not part of the employee personnel file maintained by DAS.
Please note the following points:
  • Documents that are not legible or not of reproducible quality will be returned to the originating human resources office.
  • Please do not submit performance evaluations to this unit as they will be returned.
  • If your agency time-stamps documents, please time stamp on the front of the document so it can be imaged in our system. We do not image the back of the document if all it contains is the time-stamp.
  • It is recommend that you retain all confidential and medical records separate from copies of archived personnel files that you are keeping.
  • Records not listed above as being part of the archived personnel file will be returned to the originating human resources office. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


Certain items in Personnel files are public record and are therefore available to the general public for viewing at no cost, and hard copies are available at a nominal fee.


Contact the Employee Records office at 614-466-7553 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Copies are furnished for $0.05 cents per page.

For further information about the State of Ohio's Records Management system, including the Ohio Government Records Database, please visit the Records Management Web site maintained by the DAS General Services Division.