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Fleet Management

The Office of Fleet Management provides state agencies with comprehensive motor vehicle management services, including vehicle purchases, leasing, motor pool rental, fuel/maintenance procurement cards, compliance reporting and vehicle assignment authorizations.

Heather Gossett, Fleet Analyst

Sara Burnam, Fleet Analyst

Renee Jenkins, Fleet Manager
DAS Lease Program

Roger Bechtel, Information Technologist

Susan Reed, Administrative Professional
Surface Road Motor Pool Dispatcher

Lucille Blann, Administrative Professional
State Office Tower Motor Pool Dispatcher


 Job Aid: Logging on to FleetOhio (Web Version)

Powerpoint Presentation for June 6, 2013 Self Managed Agencies 

Office of Fleet Management Monthly Newsletter Archive

Motor Pool Reservation Portal Automated Dispatch Center Instructions

Motor Pool Rental Program Brochure for the Rhodes Tower

Upcoming FleetOhio and CAFM Scheduled Training Dates

Supplier Updates


Fleet Commander Enhancements - 11-29-2011
Fleet Commander Enhancements - 03-13-2012
Fleet Commander Enhancements - 06-19-2012
Fleet Commander Enhancements - 09-20-2012
Fleet Commander Enhancements - 03-11-2013
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Fleet Commander Enhancements - 02-25-2014

Fleet Commander Enhancements - 05-28-2014

Fleet Commander Enhancements - 06-12-2014

State Vehicle Procurement Updates
This procurement update section contains links on vehicle orders from the time the order is received until
the vehicle is delivered. This information will be updated every two weeks.

          Manufacturer Production Status

             Ford - Updated 2/27/13
                   Chrysler - Updated 04/14/14

       Manufacturer Build-out Information 

          RS901313 - Updated 5/07/2013

          RS901513 - Updated 5/07/2013

Contract Links

New, Model Year 2014 Automobiles and Passenger Vans - Contract No. RS901314 

New, Model Year 2014 Trucks, Utility Vehicles and Cargo Vans - Contract No. RS901514 

Contract Amendments
Updated as Issued

 New, Model year 2014 Automobiles and Passenger Vans - Contract No. RS901314

                          Amendment No 1
                          Amendment No 2
                          Amendment No 3
                          Amendment No 4
                          Amendment No 5
                          Amendment No 6
                          Amendment No 7


New, Model year 2014 Trucks, Utility Vehicles and Cargo Vans - Contract No. RS901514

                          Amendment No 1
                          Amendment No 2
                          Amendment No 3
                          Amendment No 4
                          Amendment No 5

State Vehicle Related Recall Updates
The following links are recalls the Fleet Management have been made aware of on fleet vehicles. Select the link to access a copy of the actual recall notice.

          MICHELIN Tire Safety Recall - Updated 2/26/2014

         Older Recall Information can be found here in the Recall Archive

OAKS Vendor Report
Select this link to access the OAKS Collision Vendor Report.

OAKS Collision Vendor Report

FleetOhio Training Program
Select this link to access the FleetOhio Training Program.

FleetOhio Training Program