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MBE/EDGE Contracting Opportunity Tool Kit


Listed below are a few tools to help you make the most of your MBE/EDGE certification. Please check back as we continue to provide more assistance to help you and your business succeed!

Resources to Grow Your Minority-Owned Business

Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014 - 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

King Arts Complex
867 Mt. Vernon Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43203


Thank you to everyone who attended!  Below is the reference materials distributed at the event.  Please feel free to contact our office directly should you have any questions or concerns. 







  • Agency FY15 MBE Projection Plans
    View MBE Projection Plans to review what agencies, boards and commissions project spending with MBE vendors:
  • Agency MBE/EDGE Contacts
    Use the list (below) of MBE/EDGE EEO Officers that have been identified by each agency to monitor and ensure MBE/EDGE spending per Executive Order 2008-13S:

    << -- Click here
  • Register to receive notices of upcoming agency bid requests from DAS Office of State Procurement:
    -- Vendor Registration (Office of State Procurement)