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Construction Compliance


PLEASE NOTE:   All forms must be electronically submitted through the Ohio Business Gateway (OBG).  Please reference the following instructions when filing forms to EOD.  If you have any questions, please contact our office at 614.466.8380. 

 Helpful Info/Tips:

  • EOD will not receive a form unless the "check out" process is completed on the OBG website and the contractor receives a confirmation number.  Please refer to the instructions above for how to properly check out a form on OBG.
  • Although the check out process includes a button that reads "Checkout (Ready to File and Pay))," please note that there is NO FEE required to submit a form to EOD when you click the button.  EOD forms are completely FREE to submit.
  • A confirmation number will be provided if the form is successfully checked out on OBG.
  • EOD will receive a form the following business day.

Welcome to the Construction Compliance Unit. This unit is responsible for ensuring state contractors implement and adhere to the State of Ohio’s affirmative action program pursuant to O.A.C.123:2-3-02. Specifically, this unit’s responsibilities includes the issuance of certificates of compliance under ORC 9.47 and 153.08, conducting project site visits and compliance reviews (desk audits) to ensure contractors utilize minorities and women in the construction trades, as well as maintaining a working environment free of discrimination, harassment and intimidation.

For questions or concerns, please utilize the staff roster and contact the Contract Officer/Specialist assigned the alphabet letter that begins with the first letter of your company’s name.

If you need additional assistance, please contact our office at 614.466.8380.


Leadership Team
Pam Osborne, EEO Program Manager

For questions or concerns, please contact the contract officer/specialist that has been assigned the alphabet letter that begins with the first letter of your company’s name.

I, T, U, Z
Tim Collins, EEO Contract Officer

L, N, W
Brenda Hodge, EEO Contract Officer

E, K, Q
Charles King, EEO Contract Officer

A, C, H, M, O, P, S, X
Priscilla Smith, EEO Contract Specialist

B, D, F, G, J, R, V, Y
Alonzo Webb, EEO Contract Specialist