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Equal Opportunity

It is the mission of the Equal Opportunity Division to serve, support, and find solutions for Ohioans by ensuring equal opportunity to and fair treatment in government contracting and state employment. The Division strives to achieve its mission by implementing and enforcing the state’s affirmative action and equal employment opportunity policies, and implementing and monitoring the state’s procurement preference programs for minority-owned, women-owned, and socially and economically disadvantaged businesses.

Leadership Team
Administrative Unit
Gregory L. Williams, Deputy Director and State Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator
Pamela Osborne, Assistant Deputy Director
Bobbi Bell-Bartholomew, Program Administrator

Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity Unit
Jennifer Adair, EEO Program Manager

Business Certification and Compliance Unit
Todd McGonigle, EEO Program Manager

Research and Reporting Unit
Cassandra Branson, Program Administrator


Fiscal Year 2018 MBE Projection Plans

Analysis Book now available online!

Ohio Business Gateway Modernization Project

We at EOD are excited to partner with the Ohio Business Gateway Modernization Project in an effort to make doing business with the State of Ohio easier and more efficient. Whether completing a Unified Application for the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) or Encouraging Diversity, Growth and Equity (EDGE) program, applying for a new Certificate of Compliance or Affirmative Action Program Verification, or even completing your monthly Workhour Utilization Reports (I-29s), it is our hope that this improved process will be easy and drastically improve the way your business interacts with state government.
For more information about the improvements you can expect from the Gateway Modernization, check out the video below and visit www.business.ohio.gov/gatewaymodernization.
Gateway Sneak Peek