Certified MBE/EDGE Business Tool Kit

Listed below are a few tools to help you make the most of your MBE/EDGE certification. Please check back as we continue to provide more assistance to help you and your business succeed!

Business "Tool Kit"

Agency MBE Projection Plans

View MBE Projection Plans to review what agencies, boards and commissions project spending with MBE vendors:



Agency MBE/EDGE Contacts



Use the list of MBE/EDGE EEO Officers that have been identified by each agency to monitor and ensure MBE/EDGE spending.

Click the image above to download the contact list in Excel.

2018 Ohio Business and Career Expo

Ohio Business and Career Expo

Online registration begins Aug. 15!

Below are the course titles for the 2018 workshop schedule.

Employment/Recruitment Related:
  • Applying for State of Ohio Careers
  • Your Application: Notes from HR Professionals (panel)
  • Career Lab
    • One-on-one resume review with personalized comments and suggestions
    • One-on-one LinkedIn profile review or profile set up
      • Head shot photos available
    • Mock interviews
      • One-on-one and panel formats available


General Business Related:
  • 11 Tips for Handling Late-Paying Customers
  • Build a Better Business by Leveraging LinkedIn
  • How to Market to Government Agencies
  • How to Respond to a State Bid Request
  • Networking 101 (panel)
  • Ohio Business Leadership Network
  • So, You Think You Don't Need BWC Insurance? And why you really do...
  • Social Media Strategy for Small Business
  • Why a Capability Statement is Vital to the Growth of your Business
  • Your Responsibility for Sexual Harassment in Today's Workforce
MBE/EDGE/VBE/DBE Business Related:
  • Advantages of Joint Venturing
  • Certification 101 | Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Encouraging Diversity, Growth and Equity (EDGE) programs
  • Certification 101 | Veteran-Friendly Business Enterprise (VBE) program
  • Contracting with the State of Ohio | I Did; So Can You! (panel)
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certification and Supportive Services
  • Doing Business with Franklin County including Small and Emerging Businesses information (pending)
  • Entrepreneurship Resources for Veterans
  • How to do Business with ODOT
  • I'm Certified; Now What?
  • State of Ohio Procurement Officers | "Yes, we want to partner with you!" (panel)
  • Understanding Loans and Other Programs Available for Certified Minority Business Enterprises


Construction and/or EDGE Focus:
  • Minority Contractor Mobilization Loan
  • ROI for Diversity and Inclusion within the Construction Industry
  • What is Providing a Commercially Useful Function?

DAS Office of Procurement Services

Contracting Opportunities

Below are links to some primary contracting agencies.



Available Business Assistance

Archived Event Materials

MBE- and EDGE-Event Reference Materials

Thank you to everyone who has attended previous community networking events. Below are reference materials distributed at various events.

Please feel free to contact our office directly should you have any questions or concerns.





Outreach Events