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The Office of Collective Bargaining (OCB) performs a variety of services in conjunction with labor contract negotiation and administration.  Statutorily, OCB serves as the principle representative of the State as an employer and negotiates  all of the State’s labor contracts.  OCB is primarily responsible for developing and directing the State’s labor relations policy.  OCB works closely with all levels of management, as well as union personnel, to create and establish labor contracts that not only give management the tools necessary to run our government efficiently, but also meet the needs of the workforce.

This office presently serves approximately seventy (70) state agencies, boards and commissions, offering technical assistance and expertise to agency management staff as well as coordinate dispute resolution.  Labor-management cooperation and labor relations are key initiatives managed by OCB.  Among the various services OCB provides are bargaining conferences, new contract training, labor conferences and assistance with negotiations for other State elected officials.  OCB participates on the Board of Trustees for the Union Benefits Trust and provides management oversight to the Joint Health Care Committee (JHCC).


Leadership Team

Kristen Rankin
Interim Deputy Director

Kate Nicholson
Manager, Labor Relations and Training Administration