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Award Presentation Photos

Innovation and Process Improvement: Lisa Barna, General Services Division

Good Citizenship and Spirit Award: Stacy Cornett, Equal Opportunity Division

Team Excellence Award State of Ohio Computer Center: Recipients of the Team Excellence DAS Star Award pictured at the State of Ohio Computer Center include in the front row (from left) Darlean Cummings, Vince Corroto, Hemen Srivastava and Lori Bailey. In the back row from left to right is Stu Davis, Roberta Montague, Hamid Shams, Suresh Bhattarai, Andrew Lavender, Ted Mauer, Spencer Wood, Kenny Keirns, Director Blair, Brian Hernandez, Eric Bonner and Adam Wei.

Team Excellence Award: Pictured at the downtown Team Excellence DAS Star Award presentation are Brooke Speert, Thea Cole and Carolyn Chavanne. In the back row from left is Dan Cornwell, Ken Gapsch, State CIO Stu Davis, Director Blair, Samuel Davis and Keith Garnett.

Outstanding Customer Service: Cooper Hall, General Services Division
Extra Mile Award: Renee Hinte, General Services Divison

Winners and nominees (click image to enlarge)