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Nominate a Deserving Colleague or Team

Now accepting nominations from April 3 through June 30.

Submit nominations by email to DASStarAwards@das.ohio.gov.

Recognize employees Doing Awesome Stuff!

Provide a detailed description of:

  • Specific examples of top notch customer service provided by nominee.
  • A team/workgroup that successfully completed an important project. What did the team/workgroup do that warrants agency wide recognition?
  • An innovative solution/implementation and explain how it has improved a DAS Service or Product; or describe the inefficient process that was recognized and improved and the outcome of such process improvement.   
  • Examples of what the employee did to go that extra mile. How did he or she exceed expectations and demonstrate outstanding performance, exceptional work quality, and reliability.
  • Examples of why the nominee deserves to be recognized for the energy and positivity they bring to the workplace.
  • Specifically, what have they done to increase and encourage a positive morale in their work area?
DAS STAR Awards Winners